More About Us

Hi I’m Debbie…..

Are you searching for natural solutions?

Do you have a longing to be able to provide your family with health, wellness and emotional balance?

My MISSION is to Improve Family Health
“One drop at a Time”

I am very passionate about this and feel it is very important to spread the word to empower every individual to take control of their own wellbeing!

A bit about me…

I am part of a beautiful family consisting of my husband Carl of 20 years and my 18 year old daughter Bree, who is extremely busy, fit and thankfully now healthy. With my family in mind, I am always on the lookout for ways to enhance our lifestyle and keep us as healthy as possible using natural, non toxic products.

We have a very busy lifestyle and I believe it is essential that we take responsibility to be proactive in our own health and wellbeing. Optimal health relies on a wholesome diet, adequate sleep, regular exercise, efficient stress management and much more.

doTERRA offers this with a fantastic platform for physical and emotional support and the ability to be “Funemployed”. They offer an incredible vehicle to be financially abundant and emotionally supported while building an amazing friend based business.

My Journey started by creating Driftwood Essential Oils so I could share these beautiful gifts with everyone, but it became a little more than just essential oils. doTERRA have provided me with an outlet to go deeper within myself and my family and I would like to support everyone to heal from the inside out hence why my business is know known as “Wellness on Driftwood”

Over the coming months I will be sharing more about my expansion, delving deeper into the health aspect of wellness drawing focus on meditation, reflexology and more ..

Come join me on tis incredible journey!!

Debbie xo